Thursday, September 21, 2006

...Time, It Has Passed...

One year. A full year of blogging, and this is only my 51st post. Tis sad, is it not?

I am quite ashamed of myself. However, I do feel, and I hope you will concur that it has been a fun time :) I will try to do better over the next year. Hold me to it, gentle readers, and I will thank you :) I have, as you may have noticed, given my blog an entirely new look....though I'll probly change it again soon.

well, I suppose that is that, as they say. I hope you all have fun visiting here, cause I know I have fun when you visit here :)

Good Day...

PS I was going to write a poem...but nothing happened. so I wrote this instead :)


Blogger Gracie said...

I like all the modifications to the blog..very nice.

Blogger gabbie said...

yes, your new and improved blog is much more...festive.

but, i see one problem.
i'm not on your list of people's sites on the side????

my spirit is crushed...

Blogger HHomeboy said...

tis good that you have survived a year!


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