Wednesday, January 17, 2007

...Cold Winds...

Day before yesterday, the temperature stayed in the 20s all day. Rather shocking, considering that it's Texas. Not to mention painfully cold to my Southern self. I lived through it, though, as anyone reading this post can tell. I can't tell you how much I love cold weather. Trees with ice on them, white ground (sometimes), Jackets! I love Jackets to death. Not to mention scarves, turtlenecks....(also, it guarantees that those females which do not usually dress...umm...very well will do so)

Are your readers aware that "Foyle's War" is a GREAT show? Well, if you weren't before, you are now. It is the story of a policeman (a Detective Chief Superintendant, to be precise) who is not allowed to join the armed forces for various reasons. So instead, he fights at home against all kinds of criminals. The ones who break into houses, the ones who murder, the ones who will do anything to get out of war, the corrupt ones in high offices, and many more besides. Of course, he always pulls it off with plenty of style.

Good Day...


Blogger monolog said...



Blogger ThePizzaPizzaMan said...

I introduced Foyle's War to Jenny this afternoon and she loved it. We actually watched two today. We were stuck indoors because of the ice and snow here in Lubbock. What better pastime than Foyle's War? None that I can think of. Going to have to own them...

Blogger Cass said...

your southern self? okay. i just realized we live in the south like a couple of months ago. kinda behind.

Blogger ~e said...


When did you discover it?! Our family has been watching the episodes every night and we enjoy them immensely. They're great!

Blogger Forty-One said...

After recently discovering the honorable, integrible DCS Foyle, i have been on a Foyle's War marathon. we own the first three seasons, and I think i have only 2, three at the most, left to watch. in fact, i watched Eagle day today! Still my favorite so far is Fifty Ships. marvelous show!

Blogger ~e said...

I really like the one where Andrew and Sam get together. :) That had to be my favorite episode.

Blogger DonKhan said...

I think that my favorite is "White Feather"....the final scenes are so sad and beautiful. if you don't remember, it ends with a Radio announcer talking about the ferry boats saving the army at Dunkirk.

Blogger beatrice said...

awww... andrew and sam? awww.

i'm cold.
i think my toe just fell off.

spring, anyone?

Blogger DonKhan said...

Blast spring, Bea. give me the cold

oh....LE, it was your dear cousins what told us to watch Foyle.

Blogger fa-so-la-la said...


i've got to see this.


Blogger joe4444 said...

I've never heard of "Foyle's War" but it sounds pretty cool. I'll have to check it out sometime.

I hear ya on the coldness. Although, while you are enjoying it, I am freezing myself to death trying to walk around campus to class. The "additional clothes" to wear are really cool though. ;)

Blogger multifarious said...

Oh Evs! Of course y'all love Foyle. You are the Ritchies. I should have known. I am absolutely in love with that show. My favorite so far is The Funk Hole and I also love White Feather.
Aren't the characters so great!? We always say "Yehp" to each other and try to say it just like Foyle. I never can quite get it right.
I will be forever indebted to Uncle Kiefor for introducing the series to us. I'm pretty sure he just randomly decided to record it off of PBS because it looked interesting, and now, look at the joy spreading far and wide!

Blogger rachel tsunami said...

oh my, yes, dear boy, YES! we are quite the Foyle's War addicts here on Eddings Hill. I'll be so sorry to reach the end, but truly expect to start over watching them again. i find myself talking like Foyle, verbal and facial expressions too. what is it about that character??? it's that elusive quality that makes a great show a great show. not to mention our tenderness and regard for that era.



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