Thursday, February 01, 2007

...I Saw The Sunrise...

This is me(duh) the morning Papa and I staked the edges of Harmony Hill's new Volleyball court. This would be the 1st of September. Below are a couple more. I'll post pictures of building it soon :)

Good Day....


Blogger ~e said...

hmm..sand and everything?

you know, i've never played a game of volleyball or even attempted one. i don't think i'm missin much.

good show, old lad

Blogger rachel tsunami said...

~e,dear. we will chalk this up to your youth and inexperience. and your shortness.

actually, you don't know what you're missin'.

Blogger Cass said...

why are ya'll getting a new one?

Blogger HHomeboy said...

nonono. We BUILT a sand court. it is sweet.

Blogger gabbie said...

And I think that Evan should have the honor (well, it may be a forced honor) of doing the first serve.

How 'bout it, old chap?

Blogger Forty-One said...

it looks very very good, actually. i have seen some of the pictures. well done, man!

Blogger DonKhan said...

Eleanor, listen to your mother

mother, you are correct...especially about the shortness :)

Cassidy....just think about, I'm confident you can figure it out :)

and Kris hit the nail on the head...he seems to do that occasionally.

Gabbie, I will be more than glad to serve and play and everything else. for some reason people think that because I abstain from volleyball in the middle of the summer when nobody should be playing anything but cards, that I don't like volleyball. this is incorrect :)

Andy-man...glad you think so :)


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