Friday, November 18, 2005

..A Poor Wayfaring Stranger...

some poems make good songs. and likewise, some songs are good poems. but in neither case is it certain. this that I shall post below does, I think, fit into both categories. without further ado, then, here is U2's "The Wanderer". (for some reason this vaguely calls to mind Ecclesiastes. could anyone say why it might?)

I went out walking through streets paved with gold
Lifted some stones
Saw the skin and bones of a city without a soul
I went out walking under an atomic sky
Where the ground won't turn and the rain
It burns like the tears when I said goodbye

Yeah I went with nothing
Nothing but the thought of you
I went wandering

I went drifting through the capitals of tin
Where men can't walk or freely talk
And sons turn their fathers in
I stopped outside a church house
Where the citizens like to sit
They say they want the kingdom
But they don't want God in it
I went out riding down that old eight lane
I passed by a thousand signs
Looking for my own name

I went with nothing
But the thought you'd be there too
Looking for you

I went out there in search of experience
To taste and to touch
and to feel as much
as a man can before he repents

I went out searching, looking for one good man
A spirit who would not bend or break
Who would sit at his father's right hand
I went out walking with a bible and a gun
The word of God lay heavy on my heart
I was sure I was the one
Now Jesus, don't you wait up
Jesus I'll be home soon
Yeah, I went out for the papers
Told her I'd be back by noon

Yeah, I left with nothing
But the thought you'd be there too
Went looking for you

Yeah, I left with nothing
Nothing but the thought of you
I went wandering

Good Day...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"...I Wrote You A Song..."

I went for a walk last night
I took a picture of the moon
I thought of you, living outside my world
and I want to see you soon

I walked outside last night
and I stared up at the moon
like one of many grains of sand
I'm alone in the middle of a room

I thought of you in your crowd of friends
surrounded by love and happiness
then I looked at me in my lonely world
and I wonder how I got in such a mess

now I am outside tonight
standing under the moon
still thinking of you, i'm standing in my lonely world
bathed in the darkness bright as noon

I hear the peal of the electronic bells
I'm empty, but you say that life goes on
whoever he is, I hope he'll treat you well
now at least I know that you are gone

I went for a walk last night
I took a picture of the moon

Good Day...

...Games of Make-Believe...

Evan know the game :)

Evan Needs Your Help!

Evan needs a home health aide in the morning and the evening

Evan needs an aide on-call during the day

Evan needs intensive speech and language therapy

Evan needs to work on his wardrobe

Evan needs to let go a little more

Evan needs to keep the hat on

Evan needs to know that no one has left him

Evan Needs To Be Whacked Over The Head With A 1999 Edition Of Who's Who.

Evan needs to redefine terrorism

I love the wardrobe one :)

Good Day...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I Never Meant To Be So Bad To You

sorry sorry for my long absence. i have been very busy of late, but that is basically over from now till thanksgiving time. lovely :)

I have (once again) been thinking about music. I love the music of today. but almost equally I love the old songs. everything from "learning to fly" to "yours is no disgrace", "heat of the moment", "carry on wayward son", "don't stop believing"...the list goes on :) all of these songs are what made the music of today what it is. would Steve Earle have become what he is without Tom Petty? but it goes even farther back than that. my main focus here is on Bob Dylan, the man who almost single handedly revolutionized popular music. not Dylan alone, but the folk music community of the early sixties. what did they originate, you ask? Woody Guthrie was really the guy who started it all. by all I mean the idea that you could write your own songs, instead of taking them from a song many mainstream artists do, especially in country and pop music. the idea that you could make it with only a guitar and harmonica, when everyone else had their full bands. understand, he didn't invent these principles, but he was the one who brought them into the mainstream.

so, you say, he started people songwriting. so what? well, this had a great influence on the greatest popular songwriter of all time, Bob Dylan. once again, so what? what did Dylan do that was so incredible? have you ever loved the music of Crosby Stills and Nash? of Tom Petty, or the more modern people like Wilco and Ryan Adams? their style only exists because of Bob Dylan. let me explain. in California in 1964 there were three young men who went to see a movie called "a hard day's night", starring the Beatles. these three were Roger McGuinn, Gene Clark and David Crosby. they were getting ready to start a band. seeing that movie made them fall in love with the Rickenbacker sound that would later become their signature when they became the Byrds. so as you can see, half of their inspiration was from the Beatles. where did they get the rest of it? why, from Dylan, of course. if you'll look at their history, Many of their biggest hits were Dylan songs, such as "mr tambourine man" and "my back pages". these folk musicians, who came to gether with the Beatles and Dylan as their north star, were the band who invented country rock.

so that was a brief history of why Dylan is so cool...thanks for reading if you read it all :)
oh BTW, Bob Dylan also had a big influence on the greatest rock band of all time, U2.
so think about that, Will

Good Day...