Monday, December 12, 2005

...But I Know I Can't Lose You...

It is with great pleasure and sadness......

That I announce the Engagement of my little big sister Emma :)

Friday, December 09, 2005

...Seven That Never Got To Heaven...

1) To Do Before I Die:

-Go to Scotland (oh yeah)
-Play a sold out arena concert
-Meet Bono
-Meet Bob Dylan
-defend a girl from street thugs
-Get a Rickenbacker
-Get Married

2) I Cannot Do:

-Run a four minute mile
-play halo to save my life :)
-be careful
-eat snails
-walk on hot coals
-legally smoke
-drink Vodka :)

3) things that attracted me to my spouse: (even though I've got none)

-Curly hair. totally. there is nothing I love so much as curly hair :)
-intelligent, and at least somewhat well educated
-not perfect, of course
-is not uptight about music :)
-likes kids
-loves classics (Iliad, Monte Cristo...)
-doesn't mind me playing guitar loud

4) things I say most often:

-hold on...
-buisness (don't ask :)
-beans (see above)
-holy cow
-oh my gracious

5) seven books I love:

-the Bible
-The Count of Monte Cristo
-The Lord of the Rings
-the Chronicles of Narnia
-the Scottish Chiefs
-the Complete Works of Shakespeare
-David Copperfield

6) Movies I could watch over and over:

-Henry V
-Chariots of Fire
-You've got Mail
-Sense and Sensibility
-The Village
-Bringing up Baby

7) People I'm tagging :)

-Seth G
-Queen Shenaynay
-Justin L

Good Day...

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

...A Song That I Can Sing In My Own Company...

so now you've lost the game
gave it all, it was the price of fame
you own everything but you can't see the light
blinded, surrounded by darkness so bright
fought your way through the pit of hell
for the chance to be loved so well
well, it doesn't happen that way, as you know.
yet still you'd trade all for the one chance to go
you glory in all the toys you've made,
but you know they've already begun to fade
but you think if you're strong, if you stay
your troubles can run away

you believe in living outside of time,
some people would think it's a crime
you know I know better, you know it's the same
but still you think nothing can sully your name
how do you think you will do without grace?
buy a ticket to heaven with your pretty face?
no, there is nowhere, nowhere to run
nowhere to hide from the bright glowing sun
and if you try, as I know you will do
nothing but death will be waiting for you
you know what I'm thinking, you know what I say
you can't hide from troubles, you can't run away